The problem with video art has always been… TV, right? Because they could never talk in video art, was the problem—if they talked, if they said things, it’d just be TV, basically. So you’d be at MOMA, or at the Whitney Biennial, looking at the art, and then there’d be a dark room in the corner with a TV in it, and what could be better than TV that was also art? So you’d quietly make your way over there and… well, it was never, ever as good as TV, it turned out, because they weren’t allowed to talk.

Here is a piece of video art that solves the ancient problem of no-talking—by using online comments (including Gawker comments) as its text. I’m not sure what to make of it in the end, but I think it beats TV. By Ryan Saylor and Renata Espinosa, via, this video premiered the other day at Monkeytown in Williamsburg.

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