to-do—two events

One of the strangest events in American cultural life during the Bush years has been the explosion of Jewish-themed magazines, online and off. Heeb, Zeek, Guilt and Pleasure, Habitus,,,… am I missing any? Some of them are better than others, and more hereterodox, but as a “trend” taking place in a highly assimilated, extremely successful community—I find this odd. And regressive. I could be wrong.

I’ll be discussing this and other matters with my old friend the novelist Adam Mansbach (Angry Black White Boy; The End of the Jews) tonight at the palatial offices of—45 Main St. #613. 7 pm.

Alternately, if you’re uptown, Dissent is doing an event at Book Culture (formerly Labyrinth) called “Is the Conservative Era Over?” Editor Michael Walzer will be speaking to three contributors—and if you ever get a chance to see Walzer talk, like tonight for example, you should. 536 W. 112th St. Also 7 pm.