youth guff

I’ve been getting a lot of guff from the youth recently. It’s been a regular guffathon really. Just guff guff guff.

Oh, youth. “Inscrutable youth,” as Elif says, “with your enormous sweatshirts and tiny telephones…” And your three published lines of poetry, your day jobs, your bright fresh faces, your future masterpieces—how haughty you are! How condescending.

Well let me tell you something, youth. You should read the speech Morris Binkel makes at the bottom of p. 73 of my book. Attend to it! This doesn’t mean that I turned into Morris Binkel or that you’ll turn into me. I learned from his mistakes; you can learn from mine. (Yeah, yeah, I know.) But the premise of your rebukes, the presupposition, here I’ll spell it out for you—that you will not waste your twenties—well, well … I thought so too.

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    um… I think I’m in love?
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    You have confounded us, sir. How does one parody parody? Perhaps when we are as old as you (that would be in five...
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    "Guff"! Hah! I am totally wasting my 20s and I know it. I only have a little bit of a problem with it. But if I don’t,...
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    Listen dickface, and listen good: the internet is sick of your shit. The “youth”, however precocious and angry, are...